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Hail Rush! These 5 Bands Cite Rush As A Major Musical Influence


For over 40 years progressive rock group Rush has motivated a myriad of fans into becoming artists. To truly understandRead the Rest…

Rush Through The Years: Album Cover Art


Over the years, progressive rock has garnered a well deserved reputation for giving the world some of the most creativeRead the Rest…

Rush: The Early Years


The first glimmerings of Rush began in a Toronto, Ontario, suburb in 1968 when guitarist Alex Lifeson and drummer JohnRead the Rest…

What’s So Special About Rush’s Alex Lifeson?


When it comes to making rock and roll history, there are two ways you can go. You can concentrate onRead the Rest…

Finally, Rush Tours Again!


When you think of Canadian progressive rock, you naturally think of Rush. Sure, some know-it-all types will beg to differRead the Rest…

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