When it comes to making rock and roll history, there are two ways you can go. You can concentrate on your personalalex lifeson, rush image, e.g., being the center of attention in the media 24/7 a la Scott Weiland or the late Keith Moon. Or, you can downsize your ego and let the music do the talking. Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson has chosen the latter course, and the results have been nothing less than spectacular.

Sometimes Nice Guys Finish First
Alex has always shown himself to be a humble, very down to Earth kind of guy. This is no idle fan boy B.S. In a world full of phonies, hypocrites, and flashes in the pan, Alex and the rest of the band have really walked the walk as well as talked the talk. Alex’s inimitable speech at the legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame really proved decades of fans right about his take-no-prisoners attitude toward critical acceptance. The band is all about its fans, and the “public pundits” can put up or shut up.

alex lifeson & geddy leeLong time lovers of classic progressive rock will be familiar with the group and its commitment to placing the music above all other considerations. As a legendary artist and musician who has more than his share of awards from the industry, Alex is the rare example of a creator who doesn’t let a sense of self importance and entitlement destroy his ability to inspire and entertain his legions of adoring fans.

The next time you’re in the mood for some sweet progressive sounds, try the title track of the “2112” album. In the space of twenty minutes, you’ll encounter a sonic landscape of varying textures, moods, and atmospheres that is truly second to none. From bombastic riff crunching to subtle, plaintive unplugged musing, you’ll hear a true master at the top of his game.

Lifeson Makes Music Happen
It’s pointless to try to describe the exact sound of Rush to people who have never previously taken the trouble to hear it. Suffice to say that the group came of age during the heady days of progressive music in the early to mid 1970’s, releasing classic albums such as “Fly By Night,” “2112,” and “Hemispheres.” As the lead guitarist of the group, Lifeson was instrumental in creating the unique sound and personality that defined these albums.

Lifeson’s expert soloing and lyrical, flowing prowess on the guitar helped the group to stand out from its peers. The combination of Neil Peart’s philosophically based lyrics, Geddy Lee’s high and extremely unique voice, and Lifeson’s virtuoso soloing skills was sufficient to make Rush the kings of the progressive sound in their native Canada and, soon after, the world. Without Lifeson at the helm, the sonic elixir that the group produced would never have been the same. Just try to imagine them with Slash or Ace Frehley as their lead soloist!
alex lifeson, rush
In a celebrity culture filled with huge egos, Rush’s Alex Lifeson has managed to make a name for himself based on his musical ability and humble personality. His musical accomplishments speak for themselves. If you’re searching for proof of the old adage that good guys sometimes do finish first, Alex Lifeson is a prime example.

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What's So Special About Rush's Alex Lifeson?
From the debut album in 1974 to the latest effort, "Clockwork Angels," if you're looking for a trio of musical masters who understand the difference between technicality and merely showing off, you simply won't find many better examples of progressive music at its finest.